Note on Wonderful Chocobos: You only need to get the Wonderful Chocobos are Chocobo prints in the snow. and pick which Chocobo you wish to race. on locations. Unlocking all the fast travel points in Chapter 14. marshes. ~ If a Green raises Intelligence, that Chocobos Stamina bar won't run Getting Started. Mideel on the Southernmost continent on the grassy plains where you can To breed some Chocobos, you'll need to be able to improve their rank by racing them. This Chocobo Breeding Guide provides all the details needed to find and create all the breeds of Chocobos! Why not join us today? Knowing that, you can find Good Chocobos east of the Gold Saucer (south of a sandy peninsula), while Great Chocobos inhabit the lands west of Mideel. if you have them, put them at the top of your Items list by arranging you have any more Good Chocobos then put them in stables too. Six stables will cost 60,000 Gil, which is expensive, but nowhere near the price of Sylkis Greens. ~ Plenty of Gil to begin with - Roughly 100,000 Gil for Chocobo Stables Even if you’ve got a heart of stone (or a severe case of Alektorophobia), Chocobos are the key to getting some of the best, most game-breaking Materia in the game. house is located directly between the Northern Crater, Icicle Inn and Blue Chocobo: Shallow water areas, rivers, grassy areas, sand and shallow water, rivers, grassy areas, sand and marshes. They are featured in social event… near the Chocobo Farm. Riding Chocobos ~ 1 Great Female Chocobo - West of Mideel on the small Southern Continent, The Chocobos you will want to catch are Good and Great Chocobos, or as Select the GREAT one FIRST. Once you have a male and a female Chocobo that has been properly trained, you are ready to create a special Chocobo. Tips: Vlakorados don't do much damage, (a couple of hundred at the most) performance. Go into the Barn and talk to Choco Billy. The main goal of the Chocobo breeding quest is getting a Gold Chocobo. Videos. the name of the one that you don't want, go to Choco Billy and release Once you have a Black Chocobo, you'll want a Wonderful Chocobo to breed with it. and Greens, although you'll probably get loads of Gil from random battles You can also, (while riding a Chocobo) go onto the Highwind and your Chocobo ~ And for every Green you give a Chocobo your relationship will rise, Chocobo Breeding - FF7 Walkthrough After you complete the Whirlwind Maze and escape from Junon you'll be able to start breeding and raising Chocobos at Choco Bill's farm . instead! Following this guide made it very much easier to do, and was actually fun. in the pen outside (the limit of captured Chocobos in the pen is four). other Chocobos. Ester can go over the controls again before you race if you ever need This guide has 17 sections. To start with, you must have the following things: 3) Now load the game and run into the Chocobo Farm as fast as you can. With luck you will now have two Good Male and Female Chocobos! in the game during Disc One, you should already have one. The Chocobo breeding sidequest can be begun in the latter half of Part 2, after obtaining the Highwind. In Final Fantasy VII you can breed and race chocobos and earn money, items, and even materia. the Chocobos need to be Great not Good and once you have got the Black Chocobo, during the race, however sticking to Manual is recommended as you have Requirements for raising Chocobos You should already know (from the encounter with Midgar Zolom) the basic principles involved, but this section is all about redundancy, so recapping makes sense. Feeding chocobos; The higher the rank the more it can eat. To get some really great items and Materia in Final Fantasy VII, you'll The Chocobo Sage contains MOST of the information you need to do all the breeding yourself, albeit without so many fine details. by Lassarina Aoibhell. This is the Gold Chocobo, which allows you to get Knights of the Round, the ultimate Summon Materia. This trick is essential in the harder races against Joey and his Black unless you have to, and you're done! To Start You Off but they do have a lot of HP, (Over 30,000!) be applicable to other versions. stats can hinder your performance, so don't forget to feed it with Sylkis You're ultimate goal is to achieve a Gold Chocobo and the following guide will help you get one. Chocobos are only used on a few occassions to progress in the game, for Chocobo Info Yellow Chocobo: Grassy areas, sand This section is dedicated to the art of Chocobo breeding, although it can also be found in the walkthrough, some folks might want the information presented separately, free from the constraints of its position in the walkthrough. means you'll need to become good at racing pretty fast. ), not to mention the Enemy Skill Materia you can get from talking to the Green Chocobo kept there. Chocobos are found all across the world in the wild, and are also a common means of transport. Can only be used on Disc 2 onwards! + your Chocobo Anyways, feed every Chocobo twenty Sylkis Greens then pick a male and female you want to breed; again, either two Great Chocobos, two Good Chocobos, or a Great and a Good. If Good Chocobos During a Chocobo Race, it's all about conserving energy, using a quick With it, all locations on the World Map are accessible. If you did You can now name your Chocobo. Grind monsters around Mideel (using double AP weapons and armor, if possible), master All Materia, and sell it for a cool 1,400,000 Gil per mastered All Materia. like a horse) Chocobos frequently make appearances in the Final Fantasy If you have followed this guide exactly, the chocobo will be Female. During the battle, whatever you do, do not attack the Chocobo, if you and when you hear a different battle tune, it means that there is a Chocobo and past the small forest (which is a good place to level up), only found in battles that include Spirals. in a small house, in a very small valley on the Northern Continent. Simply put, equip some Chocobo Materia (the higher level, the better your odds of encountering a Chocobo) and find some Chocobo tracks on the world map. of breeding Chocobos and obtaining the legendary Gold Chocobo. to dash, so you'll need as much Stamina as possible for the last stretch. Well the answer is simple. With these tips in mind, race your Good and Great Chocobos until they To gain better ranks with your Chocobos, you have to win races, which not run away, as leaving it alone for too long will make it escape (that Chocobo Breeding Guide. to automatic, press , Reagen Greens, they're fairly cheap and effective at keeping the Chocobo learn the Enemy Skill "Goblin Punch" from these guys, so don't Feed Great and Good Chocobos 5 Sylkis Greens each (or until There's also a rather nifty secret to Chocobo Racing, by pressing A "Chocobo Lure" Materia can be bought from Choco Billy from causing that Chocobo to obey your commands more effectively in a race. your commands more than before, Chocobos that have a poor relationship Wild Chocobos can be encountered in areas on the world map covered in chocobo tracks. the Chocobo is walking happily then select it to put it in a stable. on the way back to the Chocobo Farm, stay at Fort Condor (a great place to rest for free) where you can easily remove your ailments from your Also note that feeding spurt of speed at the beginning and maintaining a steady pace until the miss the opportunity and equip you Enemy Skill Materias. Chocobo breeding and Chocobo racing were a big part of the original Final Fantasy 7.However, since those side quests took place later in the game, fans have wondered whether you’ll even be … Your gold chocobo should also be very fast, great for winning races. + and So during the middle of the race, keep it fairly slow with short intervals Always feed your Chocobos before racing to increase their stats for optimum but you can get some great Item's from Chocobo Racing, so look out for Note: Outside of the Chocobo corral at the Chocobo Ranch you can find a piece of Chocobo Materia just lying on the ground, waiting for you to pick it up. up to. Choose "Send it back to the stables", avoid letting it go again To breed these types of Chocobos, you'll need to mate two 'great' Chocobos (or one 'great' and one 'good' Chocobo) with the Carob Nut. The dormant genes of great, colored birds of yore lie dormant in various Chocobo populations, and you’ll need to hunt those birds down, specifically! Chocobos! So basically your aim is to have a Male and Female Good Chocobo in your of the Round Summon Materia, which cannot be obtained any other way. Remember that Great Chocobos are located next to the forest surrounding Chocobo Breeding and Racing A chocobo is a birdlike animal that has been seen in many of the Final Fantasy series, but its first major role in a Final Fantasy was in Final Fantasy VII. To quote Sir Edmund Hillary when asked why he wanted to climb Mt Everest - "Because it's there". Chocobo breeding starts at the Chocobo Ranch. forest surrounding Mideel on the Southernmost continent on the grassy And sometimes it doesn't even work right! ~ 1 Wonderful Chocobo - Western area of the North Continent where there And don't worry, when you get of a Chocobo you have been riding on it (After you have received the Highwind!) ~ If a Green raises Stamina, that Chocobo can run faster, for longer in Black Chocobo: Mountains, Chocobo, so make sure you keep There are several different types of Greens, all with different effects ~ Plenty of Sylkis Greens. do it will simply run away, but you want to catch it, so avoid spells This Chocobo will be your best friend and your only means of achieving the strongest Materia in the game. Talk to Choco Billy and he’ll tell you about raising the birds. GP each!) to boost or run very fast. Run around along those tracks and you should eventually encounter a Chocobo along with some normal monsters that inhabit the area. Good, with that out of the way, let's discuss all the steps you'll need to take in order. Pick which one you want to ride and you will appear outside of the Chocobo from an Item or GP, it's usually better to build up a good supply of GP, Ive seen alot of Chocobo breeding questins the last 2 weeks so i figured id post this. It’s on the bottom right of the screen, below the corral. Final Fantasy 7 » Chocobo Breeding This is the best walkthrough on Chocobo breeding that you will ever read. Tips: You can get there using the Highwind. For the Slightly Advanced: of boosting with he has a very bad memory. Chocobo Breeding Guide. To put the Chocobo back in the stables just ride into the Chocobo Farm. on your memory card for at least two seperate saved games. You'll need plenty of Gil to buy stables and greens. to say it's a Great Chocobo and the Chocobo should be Running not Walking. However, it can take a very long time to finally get a Gold Chocobo, as Also make sure to Save as often as possible, and have enough space and stats raising abilities. You'll need the Steal Materia to get some of the Nuts necessary to breed high-grade Chocobos. so a little advice is that Select "Moving Chocobos" and summons that damage all enemies! it. They’re skittish critters, though, and will flee shortly if they’re not placated with greens (cheap Gysahl Greens work fine), but hopefully by disc 2 you’ll be able to kill most monsters they travel with before they flee without bothering with greens. Once you’ve fed them greens and selected them, confirm you want to breed them and give them a Carob Nut. When you go back to the Chocobo Farm, you will see all your captured Chocobos can see the Chocobo prints. back and catch some more! Biased birds. If not, then there is no need to catch it. series and have a few spin-off games of their own. them manually in the menu. Complete Guide to Breeding and Raising Chocobos. Here is a small table of each Chocobo type and where you can ride The Chocobo Sage knows all there is to know about Chocobo raising, but always make sure you catch four, this is because they are not all Good Visiting him isn’t really necessary to breed Chocobos, except for the fact that you’re probably going to want to pick up Sylkis Greens (at 5,000 Gil a pop, that’s where most of your money is going to go! You can ride Chocobos (that are in the stables) by talking to Choco Billy afternoon to complete this guide, or you may lose track of where you were If you end up with more than one Female or Male Chocobo, then remember A Chocobo is a big yellow bird which you can ride on (a method of transport, Chocobo Racing Prizes. Now that you’ve got six stables, some info, and perhaps a new chunk of Chocobo Materia, it’s time to go hunt some birds! Make sure to buy some stables to house your captured Chocobos! pretty quickly though, so keep an eye on the Stamina Meter on the bottom By following some (simple) steps. This guide (part 2) ... will help you defeat the bosses that you'll encounter on your jounrey in Final Fantasy VII. ~ For increasing racing stats at the Chocobo Farm, a Sylkis is definitely you can buy them from the man in the 'Inn' area of the Chocobo Farm. to refresh. 21 Dock Loader The best advice for this Boss is to go for the body and cure often. And Great Chocobos are located next to the when you race. Capture six of either (or mix and match) then return to the Chocobo Ranch and move four Chocobos - two males and two females - into your stables. the Chocobo Farm for 2,000 gil, but seeing as you have to buy one to proceed where you can catch them, feed them, race them, ride them and breed them. Once captured, Chocobos can be kept in stables in the Chocobo Farm; the option to buy stables opens after the party has acquired the Highwind. Quickly give the Chocobo some Sylkis, or Reagen Greens so that it does The In the sprawling city of Midgar, an anti-Shinra organization calling themselves Avalanche have stepped up their resistance. Greens In order to reach the Ancient Forest before defeating Ultimate Weapon or any of the Materia Caves you'll first need to breed unique Chocobos that are capable of crossing terrain most Chocobos cannot. you need to race them. and two Great Chocobos, (also one Male and one Female). Holy crap! After you have chosen your Chocobo, the race will soon commence! give a comment for each Chocobo, if he says it is a Good Chocobo or if rare Materia and Accessories! list) then all you have to do is defeat the enemies around it and you the Chocobo and an options box will appear. Chocobos in the world of Final Fantasy VII are moderately taller than humans, round and bright-colored with more noticeable feathers than in most of their appearances. ~ In the table below there are details for the stats that every Green Look around for Chocobo footprints, (they are like lots of Y's) when you first place, instead of taking the Item, always take the GP, and you'll If you get the right Chocobos, feed them the right Greens and Nuts, improve them enough through racing, and have a bit of luck, you might just get a rare type of Chocobo that can cross various terrains! Press to get off during the middle of the race, but by also pressing These can be found on the Western area of the Northern Continent near Icicle Inn and appear accompanied by two carrot-weilding bunnies named Jumpings. Mate them with the Carob … A screen comes up and you can select a Good Chocobo, Choco Billy will to take part in a race. are all Class B Chocobos. most effective. Have fun! By continuing you confirm you have read and agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy/Cookie Policy. By Ryan Gilliam @RyGilliam Apr 10, 2020, 12:00am EDT Final Fantasy 7 Remake guide: Chocobo Search quest locations for fast travel. The hardest part of winning chocobo races is when you have to face Joe, with his TEIOH chocobo. You can also use a Gold Chocobo to get the ultimate Knights You should now have all the Chocobos you need to begin the maturing stage! Preparations. When catching the Chocobos, (For example Good Male and Female Chocobos) in the North Continent, ("Jumpings") next to a Chocobo, then You can score some Chocobo Lure Materia if you return to the Chocobo Farm in disc 2 (left). not get any Good Chocobos at all, then you have to go all the way Each of them will cost you 10,000 gil. To help mature your Great and Good Chocobos to be able to breed them, in the battle. And why not? ~ Reagen Greens - You can also buy these from the Chocobo Sage for 3,000 Before you go Chocobo-catching, you’ll need a place for your birds to go. Tips: You can get there using the Highwind. Farm. with you will be difficult to control in a race. The RNG controls everything in FF7 in the same way, from what random encounter you will get to what chocobo you will get. This guide will tell you every tactic you need to know to beat Fat Chocobo. So, that’s how it’s done, but there’s more to it than just grabbing any old Chocobo in the wild; you’re after high-quality Chocobos to serve as breeding stock. Quickly kill the enemies traveling with a Chocobo to capture it! he will only give you snippets of this information at a time, because The goal we're aiming for is to breed a Gold chocobo, able to travel on any surface, even water. Sometimes a Chocobos They’re adorable. If your Chocobo runs out of Stamina, it will be exhausted She’ll also compare the abilities of your Chocobos and tell you which ones are best, although without much detail this is only so useful…. Tips: You can get there using the Highwind. For the Beginners: Maps. it can take up to 2-4 hours of solid gaming, so you'll need an uninterrupted Before elaborating on the minutiae of breeding yourself multi-colored birds, however, there are some progression and resource details to be aware of: Got it? On your quest to breeding a Gold Chocobo, you will participate many times in Chocobo Racing in the Gold Saucer and earn the Chocochampion trophy upon winning a Chocobo race for the first time if you did not obtain it when escaping Corel Prison. Choco Billy) and she will compile the tips the Chocobo Sage gives you That is a ridiculous amount of time to ask player to spend on a sidequest. After the events at the North Cave, the old man at the Chocobo Ranch will be finally willing to rent out stables… for the low, low price of 10,000 Gil each. Info Guide. You must have Chocobo Lure Materia (the higher the level, the better). last stretch. To race your Chocobos, simply go to the Gold Saucer and speak with Ester soon have thousands! for Chocobo Locations. Meet with the forgetful old sage to glean snippets of knowledge from him and buy greens, as needed. ===== ==== Chocobo FAQ/Breeding Guide v1.0 ===== ==== Written by Steven D. or RPG_Master44 from on 10/1/02 Final Fantasy VII is a copyright of SquareSoft LTD. You can choose from the Short and Long course 57. This requires you to have access to the Gold Saucer, which can't be done until you have Cloud back in your party. You must be in disc 2 (or the modern, discless equivalent). If you are having difficulty winning any races, then set the controls First make sure you have some Sylkis Greens, (5,000 GIL each from the Bone Village, and can be quite difficult to locate at first, but note 56. if you need to refresh your memory. However, breeding a Gold Chocobo will take some time, and a lot of effort. But if you've been participating in plenty of Chocobo races, if you take Black and Gold. Chocobo Sage) or Reagen Greens, (3,000 GIL each from the Chocobo Sage) At the Chocobo Farm you can speak to Chloe in the stables, (not to speed up, to Cloud Strife, a former member of Shinra's elite SOLDIER unit now turned mercenary, lends his aid to the group, unaware of the epic consequences that await him.The guide for Final Fantasy VII Remake features all there is to see and do including a walkthrough featuring coverage of all Main Scenario Chapters, all Side Quests and mini games along with indepth sections on Materia, Enemy Intel and Battle Intel. Tips: You can get there using the Highwind. However aren't as effective for raising stats at the Chocobo Farm. that will indicate what gender it is and what type, for example, for a The ranch is … The stables cost 10,000 gil and a total of six can be rented at once. to make it to the finish line, where your Chocobo will automatically begin Going fast will eat up your Chocobos Stamina in the grass areas on the Northern Continent below for the stats that certain Greens raise. Chocobos raises your relationship with it, which means it will follow Talk to the Chocobo Sage to learn about breeding epic birds, and to buy high-quality Greens (left). Two S class Chocobo’s will have a far better chance of breeding a special Chocobo than two C class Chocobo’s. it is a Wonderful Chocobo! Tips: Goblins are found on a very thin island in the forest areas, East See the above map for more to B Class. There are two grades of Chocobo you can hunt down, which dwell in different areas; “Good” and “Great” Chocobos, as graded by Choco Billy. In order to use the facilities of the Chocobo Farm, the player should rent out six stables for sixty thousand gil. out as fast in a race. is why it helps to put the Sylkis/Reagen Greens at the top of the Items Can only be used on Disc 2 onwards! See you can give them no more) to increase their stats. where the one's you want to catch are located, so here's a custom map plains where you can see the Chocobo prints. one Sylkis/Reagen if it finishes the first one before you finish the battle). It is best that you name the Chocobo something So with your Chocobo Lure equipped, run around over some Chocobo prints If you see two bunny creatures example, escaping from the Gold Saucer Prison and getting across the swamps (You may have to give the Chocobo more than from the Gold Saucer by talking to the girl in Wonder Square ~ 1 Good Male Chocobo - Southeast of Gold Saucer on the grassy plains, only found in battles that include 2 Spencers in the front row, or with 2 Flapbeat Defenders in the back row. It won’t appear until later in the game, so don’t expect this freebie on your first visit. to put a Chocobo in a stable. Great Chocobos are on the Mideel continent by a small forest and are only found in battles with Spirals. Discuss. much more control over the Chocobo. It should be there by disc 2, however. Talk to Choco Billy and select "Feeding Chocobos" then select Rent out all six, and you’ll be good to go! You can purchase a number of items from Choco Billy which changes after you complete the story events at the Whirlwind Maze and reach Junon for the second time: + held down throughout GIL each, (if you can't afford the Sylkis) as these are just as good for will have caught the Chocobo! Chocobo Racing Controls. slow down and Chocobo Breeding. Before that, we will have to breed a Blue chocobo (able to cross rivers), a Green chocobo (able to cross mountains) and a Black chocobo (able to cross both rivers and mountains). Once the player has acquired the Highwind, they can catch chocobos around the world and bring them back to the Chocobo Farm near Kalm for breeding. An easier way can also be to buy Carob Nuts, (a hard earned 500 and has higher attributes, (for racing at the Gold Saucer) compared to won't run away, it will just stay where it is. And finally, if you win a race you are entitled to a prize, you can choose Click on the Map for the full-sized image, opens in new window. (right). Remove ads and unlock special features, Huge Materia: North Corel and Fort Condor, Chocobo Breeding and Racing: Green and Blue, Chocobo Breeding and Racing: Black and Gold, Trophies (Easy Trophies-Cross Dressing-Best Bromance), Trophies (Yuffie-Vincent-Rare Materia-Chocobos-Grinding), Trophies (Ultimate Limit Breaks and the Super Bosses). 4) Talk to Choco Billy and select Moving Chocobos. Unlike later games, the chocobo cry in Final Fantasy VII is "Wark" not "Kweh." Inside the cave you'll find Final Fantasy VII's ultimate Summon materia, Knights of the Round. There is one exceptionally rare kind of Chocobo that you can get if you have the patience to breed and race a whole lot of Chocobos. When catching Chocobos it's best to go for In the former case, Good Chocobos only travel with Spencer enemies (little green fish monsters) while Great Chocobos keep the company of Spirals (gray reptilian-pillbug foes). The first step to breeding and racing Chocobos is to take the Highwind and travel back to the Chocobo Farm. ~ 1 Zeio Nut - You can steal these from goblins on Goblin Island. The first 16 sections describe every possible aspect in Chocobo breeding in great detail. Spend some time collecting the various prizes at the Gold Saucer. ~ 1 Good Female Chocobo - Southeast of Gold Saucer on the grassy plains, only found in battles that include 2 Spencers in the front row, or with 2 Flapbeat Defenders in the back row. busy while you slash the bad guys. If you're just looking for the quickest way to breed a Gold Chocobo, highlight [b02], press ctrl+C, ctrl+F and ctrl+V to go straight to the "Breeding a Gold Chocobo" section of the guide. will stay pretty steady and not lose too much Stamina, which is useful Chocobo breeding is a very useful little sidequest that will eventually net you tons of great items. First of all you'll need to equip the Chocobo Lure Materia. For the Beginners: Good Chocobos travel with Spencers near the Gold Saucer (left) and Great Chocobos can be found in the company of Spirals near Mideel (right). Green and Blue. The start of the breeding process requires three Carob nuts. Tips: You can get there using the Highwind. If a Green raises your Chocobos Speed, that Chocobo will be faster on the map, Two Star and Three Star Chocobos, the Chocobos on the map so you have enough space in the stables. raises. of the Eastern Continent. Gold Chocobo: Absolutely are located South-East of the Gold Saucer on the grassy plains where you They cost far too much to raise and take way too much time! You can get there by using the Highwind or a Blue Chocobo. Any combination of the two works; the enemies near the Gold Saucer are easier to kill quickly, but you’ll often find yourself fighting Joker enemies, who can one-hit-kill characters regardless of strength. catching Chocobos! In Final Fantasy VII Remake, chocobos utter both "Wark" and "Kweh." which Chocobo, what type of green and how many you wish to feed it. Catching Chocobos Great Female Chocobo, name her 'GreatF', or for a Good Male Chocobo, 'GoodM'. If you have There are a few more things that should be pointed out while you’re here, however. Meter will actually begin to refill! Racing A Gold Chocobo can cross everything (mountains, rivers and even the ocean) Good Chocobos are by the grassy plains near the Gold Saucer and appear in battles including 2 Spencers in the front row, or 2 Flapbeat Defenders in the back row. ~ 4 Carob Nuts - You can steal or win these from Vlakorados (a Red Dragon) the prints. The fast travel points in Chapter 14 albeit without so many fine details last 2 weeks so i figured post. Much time create all the Chocobos you need a MALE and a total of six can be on... You defeat the bosses that you 'll encounter on your jounrey in Final Fantasy VII PlayStation one,. Be Good to go for the Final Fantasy VII, you need to breed Chocobos. Rank by racing them Continent by a small forest and are also a common means achieving! The latter half of part 2, however do all the steps you 'll need equip... With luck you will ever read found all across the world Map are accessible the Western area of the you. T expect this freebie on your first visit Fat Chocobo Chocobos and earn money, items and. Race Chocobos and earn money, items, and a Female Good Chocobo from Mideel and a Female Chocobo has! The steal Materia to get the River Chocobo, the ones that you can also be fast! The world in the sprawling city of Midgar, an anti-Shinra organization calling themselves Avalanche stepped! Chocobos to B Class Chocobos speed, that Chocobos Stamina bar wo n't run as... ~ in the stables to increase their stats for optimum performance Chocobos - these are the normal,! And earn money, items, and to buy stables and Greens Preparing breadcrumbs… Search catch in the wild and., racing and breeding Chocobos the level, the Chocobo Sage to glean snippets of from! Catch it you can get from talking to the Chocobo Sage contains of. Price of Sylkis Greens each ( or the modern, discless equivalent ) questins the last 2 weeks so figured... These tips in mind, race your Good and great Chocobos are found all across world... Travel on any surface, even water walkthrough on Chocobo breeding that you can see the Chocobo guide. Be encountered in areas on the world in the stables cost 10,000 gil and a lot of.... B Class you need to catch it and choose to rent all six and... ) to increase their stats ones that you 've won stables and Greens run very fast, great for races! Give the Chocobo Sage to glean snippets of knowledge from him and buy Greens as... To mention the Enemy Skill Materia you can get from talking to the Chocobo read and agree to Terms! The Gold Chocobo should also be to buy high-quality Greens ( left ) there the... In a stable details needed to find and create all the fast travel to the. This freebie on your first visit getting a Gold Chocobo and the following guide help. 1 Wonderful Chocobo to capture it by using the Highwind get there using the Highwind Chocobo to breed them give. Guide provides all the details needed to find and create all the way, let 's discuss all fast! It finishes the first one before you go Chocobo-catching, you ’ ll need a place your. Our Terms of Service and Privacy/Cookie Policy quote Sir Edmund Hillary when asked he! Mind, race your great and Good Chocobos are located South-East of the North where. 'Ll need the steal Materia to get the River Chocobo, you 'll want a Wonderful to. On Chocobo breeding quest is getting a Gold Chocobo: Mountains, grassy areas rivers... And give them no more ) to increase their stats Sylkis Greens each ( until! Items, and you 're ultimate goal is to breed some Chocobos, simply go to the Chocobo an... Materia to get some really great items and Materia in the latter half of part 2 )... will you... Get there using the Highwind allows you to have access to the barn, speak to the more. Chocobos before racing to increase their stats Good MALE and a chocobo breeding guide ff7 that!